Welcome to Carole Hochman Sleepwear, where comfort and beauty intertwine to create the perfect bedtime experience.

Our brand is synonymous with high-quality sleepwear crafted from the finest 100% Cotton Knits, offering a touch of luxury that spans generations.


Founded by Carole Hochman herself, a visionary in the world of sleepwear, our brand has been setting the standard for nighttime comfort since its inception. If you can imagine a world without cozy, cotton knit PJs that stretch, you can imagine the simple beginning and opportunity that inspired Carole to branch out on her own and launch an eponymous sleepwear line. After working in the sleepwear industry for several years as a designer, she came to realize that there had to be a better way to deliver on what women really want to wear when they sleep. With that intent, all her designs had to not only be beautiful to her customer but truly the most comfortable pieces they had ever slipped into. Her talent for blending classic designs with contemporary elements, Carole Hochman has been a pioneer in the industry for several decades. We continue to uphold Carole’s original vision offering new collections and fresh color palettes monthly through our website and our fine retail partners.


A good night’s sleep starts with the right fabrics. Our collection boasts super soft 100% Cotton Jersey Knits, ensuring breathability and softness against your skin. From cozy notch collar Pajama sets to gracefully flowing feminine nightgowns, our collection offerings cater to every preference. Our design details, such as the thoughtfully crafted watercolor floral prints, and delicate lace trims, lend a touch of artistic beauty to each piece, making bedtime feel just a little more beautiful and elevated. We believe that self-care and relaxation is an essential aspect of maintaining overall well-being. Carole Hochman Sleepwear embraces this philosophy by providing nightgowns & pajamas that feels like a gentle hug at the end of the day.

Discover Comfort, Discover Carole Hochman Sleepwear - Where Every Night is"Always a Goodnight."

Retail Stores

Carole Hochman Sleepwear can be found at the following retail stores, as well as select specialty stores across the country.