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If you can imagine a world without cozy, cotton knit PJs that stretch, you can imagine the simple beginning and opportunity that inspired Carole Hochman to branch out on her own and launch an eponymous sleepwear line.

After working in the sleepwear industry for several years as a designer, Carole came to realize that there had to be a better way to deliver on what women really want to wear when they sleep. With that intent, all her designs had to not only be beautiful to her customer but truly the most comfortable pieces they had ever slipped into.

Through the years, as its popularity grew, the Carole Hochman collection expanded to include new sleepwear styles that would appeal to a wider market of women, while never losing its original commitment to quality and comfort. One of those new expansions was Midnight by Carole Hochman. Debuting in stores in 2006, Midnight was a new sleepwear line designed primarily in the silky-smoothness of Modal. With its drapey lines, solid color palette, and feminine touches, it quickly became a favorite of women who desired sleepwear sophisticated enough to unwind & live in. 2012 brought the year of the Millennial and the introduction of Jane & Bleecker collection. A mix and match collection of old-school prep, with a uniquely playful spin, it addresses the need for versatile separates whose style effortlessly cross from in-the-home to out-of-home.

As the Carole Hochman Design Group continues to grow and evolve its lifestyle brands in the coming years, our motivation to inspire women with new and creative sleepwear/loungewear collections is as strong as ever. Because there is nothing more intimate than a woman’s wind down time at home when she can finally be at peace with herself, with what she’s wearing, and the people who bring her joy. Whatever her age, her shape, her lifestyle, all she wants is to feel comfortable. And so do we.